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K2 receives NSF grant for “Secrets of the Universe”

K2 Communications has been awarded a generous grant of $2,855,838 from the National Science Foundation to produce a Giant Screen film featuring the breakthrough work of the world’s leading physicists at the world’s most extraordinary research lab, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Straddling the border of France and Switzerland with a a massive collider tube 17 miles (27 kilometers) in circumference and 300 feet underground, the LHC represents billions of dollars of investment and decades of work by thousands of scientists and over 50 countries. By studying particles colliding at nearly the speed of light, the film will dramatically reveal for the first time how the research taking place at the LHC will potentially answer some of science’s most fundamental and important questions. Already, the confirmation of the existence of a tiny sub-atomic particle, the Higgs Boson, has solved the mystery of the true nature of how matter is formed… something debated for decades, and now being hailed as the greatest scientific breakthrough of the 21st century. Audiences will be given an insider’s view of how this and other great mysteries (the workings of gravity, dark matter, super symmetry, and more) are explored through an exciting visual presentation of the experimental process itself inside the LHC. Director Stephen Low promises that the film will stimulate a passion for science among youth and adults, and a renaissance of the general public’s thirst for a greater understanding of the universe in which we live.

K2 will executive produce and distribute the film, which will be released theatrically in all 3D and 2D formats worldwide, in early 2016. Secrets of the Universe will be produced by The Stephen Low Company and directed by Stephen Low. A parallel but distinct production path will be followed for the “fulldome” version of the film, including 4K x 4K renderings of all CGI created for the film.