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A film to inspire the inner scientist in everyone

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Galileo looked to the heavens, expanding our vision beyond our own planet. Einstein sought to understand the universe with math and a chalkboard and was perplexed by activity at the quantum level. The truth remains there is still so much we do not yet know.

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Celebrate the EHT’s black hole breakthrough with these free posters

Download free high-res posters showcasing the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration and the groundbreaking image it attained of the M87 black hole.

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Black hole breakthrough: astronomers release landmark image

Humanity’s first look at a black hole has been released by the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, a globe-spanning consortium of researchers from...

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Unmasking a monster: the EHT’s historic first image

Science writer Ian O'Neill explores the remarkable scientific ingenuity and collaboration required to capture humanity's first glimpse of a black hole --...

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Neutron star collision sparks new era of discovery

It came. We saw. Science conquered. When the LIGO-Virgo collaboration detected a gravitational wave with a telltale signature on August 17, they...

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People of PI: Luis Lehner pushes relativity’s limits

By pushing Einstein’s landmark theory to its limits, Luis Lehner hopes to crack open a pathway to new physics.

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The Secrets of the Universe film is being released globally in 2019. Check our listings for an IMAX event near you.

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